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AUDA (Artisans United for the development of Lake Atitlán) is a community-based association dedicated to the economic and social empowerment of traditionally marginalized groups, particularly indigenous women and children in the Lake Atitlán region.


About Us

Auda maya logo

AUDA´s logo is a combination of two Mayan glyphs. The foot at the bottom symbolizes traveling, or, more specifically, moving forward. The top symbol, made up of two circles, is the verb meaning “to do” or “to make,” its connotation being determination. The left circle in the top symbol has been changed to represent the lake, with twelve dots which stand for the twelve lakeside villages.

AUDA was founded in August of 2003 by Freida Whiddon Cox and her husband, Radford R. “Bobby” Cox, of Houston, Texas. The Cox´s have two grown children and four grandchildren that live in Texas, Tennessee and Iowa. Before moving to Guatemala, Freida and Bobby became interested in missions by hosting 8 foreign Bible students in their home for a year at the time. For more than a decade, they have been involved in foreign missions in the Guatemalan highlands.

A personal note from Freida: "My family is from Mississippi. I grew up with nine brothers and sisters. My father passed away when I was sixteen, which left my mother alone with seven children to support. My mother was a homemaker. She did not work outside the home and her faith saw her through many tough times. Similarly, our faith has sustained us and been proven through difficult times. It has not been easy. We have Now Merged with Mi-Reto Ministries to Further Gods Kingdom and Give Support through works of Love, Patients, and Perseverance. Founder’s Benjamin and Lilliam Meijer of Ministerio de Restauracion Total mireto
(translation: My Challenge Ministries) have lived in Panajachel for over 2 decades, their service to the community and other non-profit organizations have proven their Love for the people and desire to see the Gospel Of Truth Reach the many in need. For this reason we have established an Alliance for extending efforts to truly help the people on a much greater level through the many donations, support and volunteers who's hearts are moved by the Spirit of Christ who so wants the people to come to Know and Experience His Love. We also work with and have received mutual support from other non-profit organizations such as Global Challenge .org, Education and More, Founder Karen Picket. Solomon’s Porch, Founder’s Lloyd and Melony Monroe are based in Panajachel, Guatemala also. teams like Karen Pickett with Education and More, and a team here in Guatemala, like Porch de Solomon, Together we are making a difference in the lives of Guatemalans One day at a time."  Feel Free to Visit their sites.


Three years before we moved to Guatemala, I had a vision of AUDA. We give Glory to God for our simple faith, which allowed us to walk out the vision. We choose to believe and see heavens doors open to bless these women and children. Together we can make a difference.

Our goal in Guatemala is to help disadvantaged women and children and elders achieve economic and social independence or stability, all the while understanding God Loves them and Blesses them through His Unfailing Grace.


Brief History

AUDA works directly with local cooperatives and small businesses. This partnership enables them to increase their domestic sales and tap into international markets. The workers in these cooperatives earn a fair-living wage from their product. Profits from the international sales are reinvested into a community investment fund. The fund is managed by one representative from the cooperatives and the Board of Directors of MIRETO-AUDA.


The founders Freida and Bobby
Bobby and Freida Cox, Founders

Freida and her Mother
"I want to thank my mother for her courage, faith and strength which has been a source of strength in my life."